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Aktuelle Praxis zur Willensvollstreckung (2014-2015)

3 March 2017
KENDRIS Author(s): 
successio 10 (2016) 26-43

In the annual report 2014-2015, various issues concerning executors are addressed, including:
The setting up of an inventory may under circumstances take several months (complex and/or foreign assets); continued executorship is permitted within the disposable quota; the executor can independently have a worthless piece of land be taken off the land register (dereliction); when weapons are part of the estate, caution should be exercised: with regard to assault weapons a firearm licensee should be involved, for weapons requiring a license, the executor can apply for a license, the storage should be such that access is denied to unauthorized persons, and a return of weapons should done by the heirs (and not the executor); in computing the dispute value within the supervisory procedure it has become more and more accepted that 10% of the estate value are deemed appropriate as dispute value.