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Management of your Art Collection

We will advise and support you in all matters related to the administration and management of art collections. As an independent partner, we offer assistance in the management, documentation and lending as well as the purchase and sale of works of art. In addition, we can also advise you in conservation matters.

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Our specialities include the following tasks:


We will document and inventory your collection with the help of an art database. In addition, we'll assist you with professional cataloguing, scholarly documentation and taking inventory in accordance with international standards.

Purchase and Sale

We conduct the purchase and sale of works of art around the world. In doing so, we maintain contacts with galleries, auction houses, companies and individuals. We place particular emphasis on complete and proper documentation; this forms the basis for efficient collection management.


Receive advice from an independent partner in matters related to art insurance. Our network of providers and insurance brokers in Switzerland and abroad is available to you.

Conservation / Restoration

Our specialists will advise you in matters related to conservation and restoration, including storing, displaying and lending works of art. In addition, we'll document the conservation status of your works of art using the latest technology (DiVisual©).


We would also be happy to process loans to temporary exhibitions or long-term loans to museums for you. This includes the entire process, from the assessment of the exhibition location through to the contract form to the preparation of status reports and accompanying the shipment as a courier.

Experts and Expertise

We offer advise in questions related to expertise and can provide experts upon request.


Research is another one of our specialities. The services range from price and market analyses through art history research, including conducing investigations, to checking provenance.

Our goal is to maintain your art collection and to minimise risks. For this reason, all relevant information and legal facts are recorded, with conservation considerations and the proper handling of your collection playing an important role. Our professional art management thus becomes part of your overall asset and estate planning.

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5 May 2020
There is often great passion behind an art collection, as well as a substantial investment. We accompany you through all phases of collecting, professionally and individually.