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Regulatory Advising

In order to ensure economic freedom for economic participants, the state intervenes to monitor and structure the economy.

There are few state monopolies in Switzerland. Authorisation is only required if there is a need to protect market participants. There are protection requirements:

  • in the financial sector
  • in the labour market
  • in the healthcare industry

One feature of the Swiss economic system are the numerous self-regulations. The sectors are tasked by the state with issuing and monitoring regulations themselves. During regulatory advising, your self-regulation questions, such as avoiding money laundering or regarding the applicable industry standards, will be clarified.

In the real estate sector, the acquisition of property by people outside of Switzerland is subject to authorisation (Lex Koller). Restrictions on second homes also result in new challenges.

There are additional challenges in the area of cross-border trade. It is limited by import restrictions (bans, customs and duties), while the export of items is partially subject to bans and export controls.

In close collaboration with our fiduciary specialists, we'll also advise you in accounting matters and audits. In doing so, we'll clarify the implications that the regulation of audits has for your company in Switzerland in order to be able to present business transaction documentation correctly.

Thomas Narbel

Partner, Group Leader Legal Geneva, Office Managing Partner Geneva

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