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Tax Compliance

As part of our tax compliance service, our experienced tax specialists offer support to individuals, business owners, managers and companies in the following areas:

Tax processes

Tax representation

We’ll take care of all tax correspondence for you. Following a review, we’ll give you detailed recommendations on how to proceed.

Tax declarations of natural persons and legal entities

No more tax returns – we’ll handle the whole process for you. We’ll take care of your declaration and look after all the necessary attachments. We can also review your tax return and show you where you could optimise your taxes both now and in future. Working with you, we decide how to proceed and put our plans into action on your behalf.

Enquiries and orders from tax authorities

Our tax specialists can take care of all enquiries and orders from tax authorities as part of the assessment proceedings for you.

Review of tax invoices

We’ll ensure that your provisional and definitive tax invoices are correct and you’ll benefit from our payment recommendations.

Review of tax assessments and tax allocations

The contents of tax assessments can be highly complex, particularly when it comes to inter-cantonal or international situations where tax allocations must be taken into account. Let us review them for you. We can confirm that your tax assessment is correct or lodge a prompt appeal where necessary.

Special taxes

Apart from your annual tax return for direct taxes, you may also incur other taxes that need to be declared. We will of course handle all of your other tax declarations too, such as

  • property gains taxes when you sell real estate,
  • notifications to the tax administration about indirect taxes (VAT) or
  • inheritance and gift taxes.

With these special taxes, it is often worth discussing the assessments with the tax authorities in advance, particularly with regard to the valuations of real estate, investments and assets from an estate.

Preparation of appeal procedures

In cases of incorrect assessments, you must submit an objection in a timely manner. Our tax specialists will advise and help you with this process. We’ll support you through the entire appeal procedure, be it objection, complaint or recourse, and make sure that all deadlines are met.