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Controlling takes on the governance, planning and controlling of your company. Here, a distinction is made between operational and strategic controlling. We support you in corporate governance with all of the necessary tools and information. This will allow you to utilise the potential of your company at all times, with the knowledge that the early warning systems are working.

  • Our specialists can support you in the following controlling duties:
  • Preparation of risk analyses
  • Establishment of management information systems (MIS)
  • Design and introduction of internal control systems (ICS)
  • Implementation of strategic planning tools (balanced scorecard)
  • SWOT analyses
  • External controlling to support corporate governance
  • Reporting / MIS (financial reporting)

Collaboration between the highest level of management and our specialists ensures that the target system is comprehensive and optimally suited to your needs.

Group Leader Accounting & Outsourcing Aarau
Branch Office - Aarau
Kevin Dietiker
+41 58 450 58 55
Head Accounting & Outsourcing
Branch Office - Aarau
Dieter Knapp
+41 58 450 58 54

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7 December 2017
Langzeitpflege ist teuer. Bis 8000 Franken kann sie monatlich kosten, in Spezialeinrichtungen noch mehr. Reichen die eigenen Mittel nicht aus, werden unter Umständen die Nachkommen unterstützungspflichtig.
20 November 2017
Professional online accounting with AbaWeb Treuhand. The convenient fiduciary solution that enables you to focus on your core business.