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Seamless and efficient accounting is essential for your company. We offer you the right outsourcing for your accounting operations – with a modular structure and flexible services. In this way, you will have access to your data in every situation and round the clock. And you alone decide which programme elements and functions you utilise and which tasks you will carry out yourself. Whether you are looking for outsourcing or insourcing – your individual needs determine your personal solution, which will meet your objectives in terms of availability, security and the integrity of data completely.


The eACCOUNTING outsourcing offer includes:

  • Maintenance of financial accounting, incl. cost centres and business operations
  • Maintenance of accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Maintenance of payroll accounting and salary administration

Additional system applications, such as ERP, CRM etc. can be utilised, if necessary.

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Group Leader Accounting & Outsourcing Aarau
Branch Office - Aarau
Kevin Dietiker
+41 58 450 58 55
Head Accounting & Outsourcing
Branch Office - Aarau
Dieter Knapp
+41 58 450 58 54

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16 April 2018
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7 December 2017
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