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Finance & Accounting

Long-term enterprise financial management and planning helps you to:

  • control risks,
  • improve control mechanisms,
  • react faster to changes and
  • fully utilise potential.

Our specialists provide you with a transparent basis for financial planning and reporting on the basis of the following ISO-certified service processes:

Group Leader Accounting & Outsourcing Aarau
Branch Office - Aarau
Kevin Dietiker
+41 58 450 58 55
Head Accounting & Outsourcing
Branch Office - Aarau
Dieter Knapp
+41 58 450 58 54

Our Services


Increase your efficiency and effectiveness by outsourcing accounting or parts of it to specialists.


Get support for the governance, planning and controlling of your company.

Interim Management

Take the burden off your company when you experience staff shortages with external HR or accounting specialists.


Use outsourcing to ensure problem-free accounting.


Choose the right audit firm and profit from experts who will support you.

eAccounting – online bookkeeping

eAccounting, the professional online accounting based on Abacus; the external solution, so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Latest Releases

16 April 2018
Wer für sein berufliches Vorankommen die Schulbank drückt, kann bis 12 000 Franken pro Jahr steuerlich abziehen. Aber nicht alle Kosten gelten als «berufsorientiert»
7 December 2017
Langzeitpflege ist teuer. Bis 8000 Franken kann sie monatlich kosten, in Spezialeinrichtungen noch mehr. Reichen die eigenen Mittel nicht aus, werden unter Umständen die Nachkommen unterstützungspflichtig.