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Salary Administration & Payroll Accounting

As a salary processing specialist, we take care of all your cross-border issues, manage your individual remuneration models and ensure that social security contributions are deducted correctly. If there are any absences during a pay week, we ensure seamless coverage.

Our service modules include all areas of salary administration and HR advising, and can be combined in any way you want. From the preparation of monthly payroll through the analysis of individual sub-projects to the outsourcing of processes, we'll provide you with individual and expert support.

We can offer you a collection of the following services:

  • Preparation of payroll accounting and payroll administration
  • Calculation, preparation and coordination of shadow salaries for expatriates
  • Advice regarding the salary statement
  • Organisation and monitoring of wage & salary payments
  • Preparation of payroll, social insurance and withholding tax accounting
  • Preparation of year-end processing (incl. salary statements)
  • Complete outsourcing of payroll accounting or salary administration
  • Management of the HR department or payroll accounting on-site on an interim basis (see also "Interim Management")

Director, Business Advisory & Outsourcing, Office Managing Director Zurich

Salary Administration & Payroll Accounting
Social Security Advice
Chemicals, Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
Finance and Banking
Transport and logistics
Textiles and clothing

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