Reporting Solutions for FATCA and CRS_EN

REPORTING SOLUTION FOR FATCA& CRS YOUR REQUIREMENTS FOR THE FATCA & CRS REPORTING SOLUTION >> You have clients and reporting financial institu- tions (FI) resident in multiple jurisdictions >> You are subject to FATCA or/and CRS Reporting >> You have a regulatory obligation to report customer financial information to foreign tax authorities >> You would like to reduce your non-compliance risk >> You would like to mitigate compliance costs >> The manual reporting costs you too much and creating unnecessary exposure >> You are looking for an automated, accurate and efficient reporting solution OUR FATCA & CRS REPORTING SOLUTION OFFERS > > Time and cost saving through: -- A secure KENDRIS in-house reporting software solution hosted in Switzerland -- 30+ jurisdictions schema templates per reporting regime -- Regular regulatory updates to each reporting schema to ensure an up-to-date schema is used -- Successful filing of the regulatory reports with tax authorities on your behalf -- Client pre-notifications of reportable information -- Reporting audit trail and the ability to respond to tax administration queries as well as providing the requested information Do you already have a secure environment for your data transfer with third parties? We recommend you our eTransfer Solution. KENDRIS eTRANSFER SOLUTION eTransfer is a secure online platform to exchange data between you and KENDRIS Ltd. It is part of our AEoI Reporting Solution with regard to the Automatic Exchange of Information and/or Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. It is simple and user-friendly. All you need to benefit from eTransfer is the internet access. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more. KENDRIS offers a full spectrum of CRS and FATCA services starting from helping financial institutions with fulfilment of their regulatory due diligence obligations to successful, automated submission of the regulato- ry reports. This fact sheet focuses on our reporting solution to assist you in the preparation and submission of reports under FATCA and CRS. Our technical team of legal, tax and accounting experts supported by our software based solution will provide you with a bespoke service to meet your particular needs and reporting obligations in a timely, accurate and efficient manner. Aarau | Basel | Geneva | Lausanne | Lucerne | Zurich | Vienna |