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Buying art or building an art collection
Art Management
Enter a gallery, chose a work of art, pay for it. Repeat it numerous times and you’ll have an art collection. That’s easy, right? Wrong. We tell you why.
Art Management
It is a very risky business – buying art. Globalization has set the foundation for quick sales and acquisition transactions across transnational borders.
A trust offers great flexibility
Trust & Corporate Administration
A trust offers great flexibility and provides solutions to a variety of estate, succession and financial planning challenges. Read all about Trusts here.
Mood "Inheritance"
Trust & Corporate Administration
Estates do not only consist of physical and inheritable, but also of digital assets or data. Many testators are uncertain what to do with their digital estate.
Digital Assets
Trust & Corporate Administration
Since the hype around cryptocurrencies has peaked last year digital assets are a hot topic. But the term digital assets stands for much more than just Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple and co.
The Swiss regulatory environment in private wealth advising
Trust & Corporate Administration
The Swiss regulatory environment in private wealth advising – a major challenge and risk factor. Find the necessary information for your work in this blogpost.