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Die Gäste unseres KENDRIS (Cyprus) Events waren sich einig, dass die Schweizer Exzellenz in Zypern angekommen ist. Es war ein fabelhafter Tag mit lehrreichen Präsentationen.
Art Basel
Art Management
10 steps to help you make your very first entrée to Art Basel
Art collection
Art Management
Without a detailed estate plan, there is no such thing as a smooth passing over of a valuable art collection. Do not wait the last minute, think of it in advance.
Blog Art Management Birgit Gudat CNN Interview
Art Management
At the beginning of February 2019 journalist Tanya König interviewed KENDRIS‘ Head of Art Management, Birgit Gudat, for CNN Money.
blockchain in the art market
Art Management
Blockchain seems to be on everyone’s mouth. Some say it will completely revolutionize the art market. But will it really?
Automatischer Informationsaustausch (AIA)
Wir müssen Sie leider enttäuschen. Ben ist keine attraktive Person welche beim Internal Revenue Service („IRS“) arbeitet. „Ben“ steht für „Beneficial Owner“ und „E“ steht für „Entities“.
What does an ART Manager do all day in the Office
Art Management
Having an art collection could make the difference between going bankrupt or flying high. An Art Manager is here to make it happen.
KENDRIS featured in the Japan Times
Automatischer Informationsaustausch (AIA)
Delivering smart disclosure solutions in line with Common Reporting Standard for Japanese clients
Buying art or building an art collection
Art Management
Enter a gallery, chose a work of art, pay for it. Repeat it numerous times and you’ll have an art collection. That’s easy, right? Wrong. We tell you why.
Art Management
It is a very risky business – buying art. Globalization has set the foundation for quick sales and acquisition transactions across transnational borders.