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Family Office Services

Increasingly, family companies owned by a second or subsequent generation are establishing family offices that support the owners in their duties and obligations. If a family only supports one family, it is called a "single-family office", while a "multi-family office" works on behalf of several families. The needs of owner families vary. Correspondingly, the structures and set-up of family offices differ in order to meet the varied duties:

  • Joint investments in the family
  • Charitable projects of the families
  • Philanthropic endeavours
  • Private equity and venture capital investments by the family
  • Tax and legal advice for shareholders and family members
  • Preparation of tax declarations
  • Family governance, including planning and conducting family board meetings, shareholder and and family meetings
  • Managing joint investments and real estate or family companies

High Level of Expertise

Family offices support the family members in their property and asset obligations and contribute to a positive relationship between owners and companies as well as the family and assets. We support single and multi-family offices with our entire range of services. Particular attention is paid to the set-up of and support for a family office.

Successful Family Offices are characterised by:

  • A simple organisational structure
  • Clearly defined asset objectives
  • Family values and duties
  • Long-term investment focus and financial independence
  • Highly qualified key employees, particularly for the core activity of the family office
  • Careful risk management, monitoring, reporting and asset consolidation
  • Highly developed family governance and documentation
  • Independence of external interests and financial products
  • Intelligent "make or buy" decisions when determining whether to use external or internal arrangements, taking account of costs, economies of scale and infrastructure

Clear Strategy

We assist you in preparing your business plan for the establishment and management of your family office, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of internal or external management of the family office with you.

  • Where will be the focus of your family office and how can long-term value be generated?
  • What are the value drivers of a good enterprise or of a long-term corporate governance?
  • How can your family office adapt to the quickly changing economic and regulatory environment?

Valuable Synergies

We are convinced that a simple and effective organisation and communication within the family office is an important success factor. The collaboration between the family office and an independent external service provider creates synergies and can contribute decisively to the success of a family office. Our open service architecture supports you exactly where your make or buy analysis might lead you to choose external management:

Our services are available to you in digital form. Our secure "Swiss Business Cloud" concept provides you with access to your ERP platform (see also eKENDRIS) and a tailored documentation management system. We support your family office in all compliance-related questions and work with you to come up with solutions in respect of the automatic exchange of information in tax matters. In this way, you will at all times be able to efficiently meet the reporting obligations to which your family office is subject.