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With our long-standing in-house experience in the areas of law, tax, regulation and compliance, we provide both strategic and operational assistance in establishing and managing your family office.
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Family office provider in Switzerland, Europe and abroad

An increasing number of families are setting up family offices to manage their assets. This contributes to a positive relationship between owners and companies and thus between the family and the assets to be managed. We support you in developing a business plan for the establishment and management of your family office and evaluate with you the advantages and disadvantages of an internal or external solution.

If you plan to relocate your family office or at least set up a new branch in Switzerland, in Europe or outside Europe to focus on specific businesses or investments, you can rely on us to deliver the expertise and support you need. Our interdisciplinary team with extensive cross-border experience handles regulatory as well as legal matters internally and connects you with the right partners when required. 

What sets us apart

High level of expertise

We support your family office in all legal questions and work with you to develop solutions regarding tax matters and the automatic exchange of information. This enables you to efficiently fulfil the mandatory regulatory reporting obligations of your family office.


High-value synergies

The cooperation between a family office and an independent external service provider creates synergies and at the same time contributes decisively to success. Our flexible range of services helps you decide what to outsource and what to manage yourself.

Clear strategy

We support you in developing your business plan for the establishment and management of your family office. We also have the expertise to assess the success factors for the proper management and long-term administration of your family office. In addition, we ensure that your family office is ideally positioned for the rapidly changing economic and regulatory conditions.

Our Family Office services


With our eFamilyOffice solution, we address the need to have secure access to up-to-date information at all times while enjoying complete data protection.

Family Office advisory, out-sourcing and establishment services

We support families and their family offices with tailor-made services that meet their personal needs. As a fully independent partner, we deliberately exclude asset management services and focus on asset structuring, asset consolidation, controlling and reporting.

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Jasmine Stefanoni
Jasmine Stefanoni
Certified Fiduciary Expert, TEP
Thomas Frey
Thomas Frey
Attorney-at-Law, LL.M., TEP / Dip(ITM)

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