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Wealth preservation and succession planning for individuals with connections to the US require US solutions. With our domestic and international expertise, we can establish a succession planning vehicle that will fulfil your long-term plans and maximise the benefits of succession planning.
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What you can expect from us

There is a solution to every wealth preservation challenge

International families with ties to the US, whether through family members residing in the US, real estate projects or investments in the US, require US solutions. US trusts and foreign trusts in the US are well-recognised estate planning vehicles. They offer highly flexible means of structuring wealth and can be used to hold all types of assets and rights without restriction. As a result, we are able to cover the full range of our clients' individual needs. 

When it comes to securing and preserving your global or local assets in a stable manner, you need experts who operate with the highest level of integrity and professionalism, who not only have expertise in domestic but also international trust and who can provide you with independent advice.
Thanks to our comprehensive approach, our multidisciplinary set-up and cross-divisional collaboration, you can enjoy the comfort of knowing that all aspects relevant to your structures are being handled holistically at all times.


Our US trust company provides high-net-worth individuals, family offices , financial institutions, law firms and their clients with tailored solutions that meet their long-term planning objectives. KENDRIS TRUSTEES (USA) LLC combines expertise with our unique ability to take a holistic perspective. This is how we deliver results that last.

Through our broad global network of legal , tax  and regulatory professionals, we provide you with stable structures that will stay the course and serve your goals. 


KENDRIS TRUSTEES (USA) LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of KENDRIS AG and completes the wide range of services we can offer our international clients. It responds to the demands of a globally oriented clientele with a variety of proven US estate planning tools.

We specialise in the administration of US and international trusts established in South Dakota, as well as trusts from other jurisdictions that need to be domesticated or reformed to South Dakota. Our independence is key to ensuring that your interests come first throughout the process.



The benefits

South Dakota as a US trust jurisdiction has several advantages:

  • Unlimited perpetuity period (duration of the trust)
  • Low state premium tax on life insurance premiums
  • Court records are sealed in perpetuity and not publicly accessible

What sets us apart

Independent partnership

We fulfil our role as your partner by engaging closely with you, understanding your environment, internalising your goals and pursuing them in a transparent manner. These qualities are strengthened by our independence.

Absolute integrity and discretion

Your goals are our goals. This is reflected in our high availability rate and fast response time. Through our comprehensive approach and independence, our interdisciplinary teams find effective solutions for you. For us, our fiduciary duties and our confidentiality are of utmost priority at all times.

Long-term relationships and foresight

We are committed to growing with you. With our unrivalled capability to adapt entirely to your requirements, our strong commitment goes hand in hand with increased proactivity. This enables us to consistently represent your interests and point out potential structures, solutions or upcoming challenges to you in a timely manner.

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Khaled Rezaie
Khaled Rezaie
MSc, TEP / Dip(ITM)
Gordana Tisljar
Gordana Tisljar
TEP / Dip(ITM)

More trust and fiduciary services

Board Mandates, Protectorship and Committee functions

We are at your side to preserve and expand your family wealth in accordance with your aspirations for today's and future generations. We can also strengthen your existing committees as a reliable and competent member of the board of directors or foundation board of entities established by you.

International Foundations and Companies

Our renowned professionals have proven and profound experience in managing family wealth wherever the family assets are located or the members of the family reside. We are at your side to structure, preserve and help expand your wealth for today's and future generations.

International Trusts

International trusts are common and established vehicles for structuring, preserving and growing family wealth for current and future generations. They need to be set up in an individualised manner to efficiently and effectively achieve the desired objectives of succession and financial planning, always in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Private Trust Company

A Private Trust Company (PTC) is a private entity that serves as a trustee for one or more trusts. It offers a valuable solution for structuring and optimising family wealth, enhancing governance, and refining succession planning strategies.

DIFC Foundations

Governed by the modern and robust DIFC Foundations Law of 2018, the DIFC Foundation is a straightforward and effective solution for individuals and families to structure assets and succession plans.

Trusts, Foundations & Fiduciary Services

We establish, manage and administer a wide range of company types and foundations in Switzerland and around the world. With you, we develop your roadmap to structure your family's wealth in order to lay the foundation for a smooth transition of wealth to the next generation. We deliver peace of mind in times of increasing regulatory complexities. Our expertise in wealth structuring covers both financial and non-financial assets.
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