Fiscal Representation (VAT) Switzerland

With our fiscal representation (VAT), we assist you in maintaining, expanding and operating your business in Switzerland in a legally compliant manner.
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What to expect from us

We support you in making your company fiscally compliant and offer advice on the ideal solution for your foreign company using our various service modules for fiscal representation.

Our concept is based on our customer-oriented advice and on the claim to meet all your company's VAT requirements in the long-term. The modules are complemented by an advance comprehensive analysis of the circumstances in order to tailor our services to all aspects of your company.

Who is affected?

The definition of the VAT registration obligation states that foreign companies with a worldwide turnover of more than CHF 100,000 (approx. EUR 90’000) are affected by the VAT registration obligation. This includes:

  • sole traders (one-man businesses) with a turnover in Switzerland of CHF 1 or more
  • small businesses and start-ups with a turnover in Switzerland of CHF 1 or more
  • large companies with a turnover in Switzerland of CHF 1 or more
  • companies offering electronic B2C services with a turnover in Switzerland of CHF 1 or more

Our Swiss fiscal representation services

Do you want to ensure that your company is legally compliant when dealing with VAT in Switzerland? Do you want to prevent the value of your company from being diminished by deferred tax risks? Do you want VAT advice tailored to the requirements of your company?

If you can answer these questions with yes, choose us to be your Swiss fiscal representative (VAT).

We offer different modules for Swiss fiscal representation (VAT) to make sure you will receive exactly the support your company needs. From our BASIC package at a fixed annual price to ADVANCED and PREMIUM, we make sure you are equipped with the right coverage for every stage of your company's development. Supplementary advice in addition to the chosen module is available on request at any time.

BASIC module of Swiss fiscal representation

Do you want a cost-effective "basic" solution?

The basic model of fiscal representation (VAT representative) consists of forwarding correspondence to/from the VAT authorities. Leaving you with handling the majority of the tasks and completing all VAT returns independently.

This module is suitable for companies that have extensive Swiss VAT know-how.

ADVANCED module of the Swiss Fiscal Agency

Do you already have existing business connections in Switzerland but want to fill out VAT returns more efficiently?

We support you in preparing VAT returns, carry out plausibility checks of your data based on incoming and outgoing invoices, obtaining extensions for filing deadlines if necessary and helping you with the legally required turnover reconciliation.

ADVANCED PLUS module of the Swiss Fiscal Agency

Do you want to stay in the fast lane and push the sale of new products in Switzerland for your company?

In addition to the services of the ADVANCED package, this module offers you the opportunity to receive a VAT classification of your business from our experts in advance and to find the appropriate structuring already during the planning phase.

PREMIUM module for Swiss fiscal representation

Are you a big player on the market with frequent activities in Switzerland and would like to outsource all the time-consuming and costly VAT matters of your company to experts?

We support you with a comprehensive "all-round package" in all VAT matters, including those relating to objection procedures, to obtaining binding information from the VAT authorities and to VAT audits.

Price list of our service modules ''Fiscal Representation Switzerland''



CHF 499 per year



CHF 1'800 per year


Advanced plus
CHF 2'600 per year




Official fiscal representation/ forwarding correspondence
Registration with the VAT authorities  
Preparation of VAT declarations  
Support with turnover reconciliations  
Spot checks on invoices  
Classification of transactions    
Preparing and obtaining rulings (binding information)      
Appeal procedure      
Support in connection with VAT audits      


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