Contracts and Transactions

We provide and review a full range of contracts, such as purchase and sale, consignment and loan agreements.
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What to expect from us

We negotiate, determine conditions and advise you on liability issues while our legal and tax departments also accompany you throughout the entire process. To ensure that you can enter into contracts and transactions with confidence and peace of mind, we offer the following services, which are customisable to suit your personal preferences.

Contracts and transaction services

Structuring your art collection

Our goal is to integrate your art collection optimally in your overall asset strategy. We therefore offer synergies in the areas of trust and corporate administration, art management, law and taxes. With a view to asset consolidation, confidentiality, emigration, immigration or succession planning, we will transfer your works of art to trusts, foundations or companies.

Contracts and agreements

With respect to contracts and agreements, purchase and sale, consignment, lending and research considerations are of particular interest. As your entrusted and independent escrow agent we can assist in art transactions providing contractual solution, escrow account and handling services for the art.

Auctions and deliveries

We carry out the complete organisation and administration as well as the delivery to and bidding at auctions for you. At your request, we can also assist you through the entire process, including crating and shipping. In case of interest in a purchase, we will take care of the documentation and photos of the artwork.

Financing and pledging

As an independent intermediary, we will assist you in borrowing against your collection. We have a long history of working with renowned international banks and companies. We will, of course, advise you in advance regarding the necessary conditions for this highly specialised transaction.


What sets us apart


Our team of proven specialists, such as art historians, lawyers, tax advisors and trustees, offers you the greatest possible confidentiality and expertise in all transactions.


You can trust our many years of experience in the purchase and sale of valuable works of art. Our leading market position enables you to minimise financial, legal or reputational risks.


Strict internal guidelines and internationally proven procedures in art transactions protect you from damage and loss.

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Birgit Gudat
Birgit Gudat
Senior Manager
Head Art Management

More art management services

Collection Management

We are committed to high standards in collection management and will advise and support you in all matters related to the administration, management and inventory of your art collection.

Logistics and Insurances

Your art collection needs the right storage conditions and insurance. We are here to ensure that the best possible conditions apply to your art collection.

Art Advisory and Valuation

We are independent experts on starting or sharpening an art collection. Our expertise in the art market allows us to provide bespoke appraisals and valuations for your artworks. Services also include art collection packages for building up a private or corporate collection.

Art Management

We cover all aspects of your art collection and accompany you through all phases of collecting, contracts and transactions as well as logistics.
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