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We provide legal assistance in national, international and cross-border inheritance law and estate planning matters. Our experienced in-house lawyers quickly identify your personal requirements and individual needs offering full support.
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What to expect from us

Our specialised team regularly advises our domestic and international clients in all aspects of their personal legal matters as well as their future estate and international succession planning. We always take a forward-looking perspective to ensure that your goals are achieved long-term and do our best to prepare you for possible future challenges. If you are interested in preserving your private wealth and finding the appropriate estate planning options, we can assess your particular needs taking into consideration all legal aspects and provide you with a tailor-made solution.

We help individuals and families to preserve their private wealth and family assets ensuring the successful transition to future generations. Choosing the appropriate estate planning tools requires prior analysis by our legal team in order to assess the specific needs, considering international aspects and avoiding cross-border pitfalls. We can provide tailored testamentary and matrimonial solutions as well as advise on the use of suitable trust and corporate structures to preserve businesses and family assets for inheritance purposes. We are often appointed as executor of last wills to ensure that the transition of the inheritance is completed efficiently and in a professional manner throughout the multi-jurisdictional procedures.

Our inheritance and estate planning services

  • Analysis and advice concerning the choice and implementation of tailor-made estate planning solutions, including the appropriate use of structures like trusts, foundations and other entities as multi-generational wealth planning vehicles;
  • Drafting of appropriate last wills, matrimonial agreements, inheritance contracts, living wills, general power of attorney for protection of the elderly and even estate planning through corporate solutions like a shareholders’ agreement for family members;
  • Executorships in both simple and complex inheritances with specialisation in handling cross-border matters in international estates.

What sets us apart

Protecting your estate

The comprehensive planning and anticipation of possible legal issues based on our many years of experience will help protecting your assets and estate. 

Maintaining stability

Frequent exchange and personalised advice allow us to identify possibilities for improvement and maintaining stability for you.


Due to our large number of internal experts in various areas, we are able to meet your different needs in a timely manner.

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Raphael Cica
Raphael Cica
Attorney-at-Law, LL.M.
Prof. Dr. Hans Rainer Künzle
Prof. Dr. Hans Rainer Künzle
Of Counsel
Prof. Dr. oec., Attorney-at-Law
Thomas Narbel
Thomas Narbel
lic. Iur., LL.M. Tax, TEP / Dip(ITM)
Anne Perret
Anne Perret
lic. Iur., LL.M.

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