Automated Securities Accounting

Securities accounting is not only the foundation of a reliable and robust investment reporting but also an instrument for tax efficiency and transparency. Based on your individual requirements, we set-up a tailored securities accounting.
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What to expect from us

Thanks to our unique symbiosis of accounting and reporting, we can give you the desired overview at any time by compiling, validating and evaluating relevant data. Together with you or your advisors, we assess your accounting requirements from a tax, statutory and regulatory perspective. Thereafter, we make the appropriate configurations in our system to achieve the accounting results that meet your goals. 
For example, we determine the accounting standard and its interpretation as well as the functional and reporting currency. You name it, we do it. Even if you need multiple standards, interpretations and currencies – the entire range is available. In this way, we always provide you with an undistorted picture of your effective asset structure.

The advantages of eFinancials

  • You and your tax advisors save a lot of time.
  • You do not have to operate a costly accounting infrastructure.
  • Synergy effect when used for multiple purposes:
    • Investment reporting for securities
    • Automatic exchange of information
    • Integrate with your financial accounting or outsource all your accounting to us
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multi-accounting standards, potentially huge tax benefits though the application of specific accounting rules according to the Swiss Code of Obligations

Our platform for securities accounting depicts complex asset structures in a clear manner.
For more details, please have a look at our factsheet.

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What sets us apart

Efficiency thanks to automated interfaces

Our systems are able to perform all conceivable forms of data aggregation and to precisely display and measure the part of the assets that is relevant to you. You have full access to profit and loss statements as well as balance sheets.

Broad spectrum of coverage

Thanks to the flexibility of our accounting records, our systems can process a wide range of data. We apply various accounting standards and keep your ledgers up to date. In addition, you can provide your tax advisor with dedicated access so that all answers to his or her questions can be found with just a few clicks.


Our reporting provides you with a transparent disclosure of all costs incurred. In addition to this clear overview, you also benefit from an independent securities valuation.
It goes without saying that you can export your data to a PDF or Excel file at any time.

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Marcel Hofer
Marcel Hofer
Certified Fiduciary Expert, MAS FH

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Our unique eInvestmentReporting provides simplicity where complexity usually prevails. Designed to help you stay in control, our dashboard gives you the clear overview of your various asset classes you have been longing for. Our interactive filtering system with top-down and drill-down options lets you experience a new kind of transparency.

Investment Reporting and Securities Accounting

As a leading Swiss partner for family office, trust and fiduciary services, we provide investment reporting with a unique holistic approach. The reporting is based on (securities) accounting data with the deepest data granularity and includes bankable and non-bankable assets. Combined with our easy-to-use reporting tool, it provides you with an astonishingly clear overview.
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