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Investment holding, trading, patent exploitation or management companies – our proven experts can design, establish, manage and administer your Swiss company.
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What to expect from us

Thanks to its stable legal and tax environment, Switzerland enjoys an excellent global reputation as a recognised location for international portfolio, trading and holding companies. These are attractive conditions for estate planning, wealth preservation and inheritance planning for both national and international clients and families. With our strong Swiss roots, our international presence and decades of experience in Switzerland and abroad, our experts have solid, in-depth and proven experience in dealing with Swiss companies.

Services at a glance

We can support you through every single stage of your company's life cycle. 
Specifically, our modular services for Swiss companies include but are not limited to the following:

  • Establishment of the company
  • Administration and management of investment holding, trading, patent exploitation and management companies in Switzerland and abroad
  • Provision of board members and authorised signatories
  • Financial accounting including securities accounting
  • Preparation of financial data for annual CRS and FATCA reporting
  • Liquidation of the company
  • Cross-border tax, legal and advisory services
  • Deployment of staff
  • Payroll  and HR administration
  • Preparation of tax rulings in Switzerland
  • Regulatory and tax compliance
  • VAT advice and services such as registration and administration
  • Application for work and residence permits in Switzerland
  • Social security registration
  • Provision of legal domiciles for Swiss companies

What sets us apart

Life cycle guidance

To ensure that solutions remain stable in the long term, we can accompany you from the very beginning of your Swiss company setup and support you during the various steps towards achieving your goals. In this way, we ensure that the entire life cycle of your structures, from set-up to any potential liquidation, remains effective in the long term.

In-house strength

Through our multidisciplinary in-house set-up and our holistic approach, we deliver well-founded solutions and services to fully achieve your goals. You can rely on us to ensure legal and tax compliance at all times.

Substantial knowledge

You can always rely on the in-depth knowledge of our renowned, experienced and committed professionals. It requires a high level of essential expertise to react quickly and appropriately to challenges. We anticipate changes and act proactively.

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Dominik Riepl
Dominik Riepl
MBA, MSc, TEP / Dip(ITM)
Eduarda Fernandes
Eduarda Fernandes
Senior Manager
BSc in Business Administration FH

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