Investment Reporting and Securities Accounting

As a leading Swiss partner for family office, trust and fiduciary services, we provide investment reporting with a unique holistic approach. The reporting is based on (securities) accounting data with the deepest data granularity and includes bankable and non-bankable assets. Combined with our easy-to-use reporting tool, it provides you with an astonishingly clear overview.
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We pave the way for your investment decisions

The backbone of all asset management decisions is a robust investment reporting system that provides a holistic overview of all assets and liabilities. Therefore, our precise (securities) accounting infrastructure with a deep data granularity forms the basis of our investment reporting. A reliable, first-class infrastructure is essential for processing data and information.


Our solution

Our approach is: "one financial data source" for multiple products. With automated data feeds from most of the leading banks, we continually strive for efficiency while delivering consistently high quality data for multiple purposes. Our consolidated data source allows for increased flexibility as reporting grows with the client's assets and structure. 

Depending on your requirements, degree of diversification, structures and structural changes, you will receive the appropriate reporting for statutory, tax or regulatory purposes.


Our services are aimed at family offices, pension funds, investment managers and advisors, wealth managers and insurances. Together with you, we build a reporting or middle / back office service that is tailored to your own needs and those of your stakeholders.

We provide you with a reliable outsourcing solution that enables you to focus on what you do best - making investment decisions!

What sets us apart

Synergies on several levels

Our reporting is based on meticulous accounting figures and includes the automatically imported data from renowned banks. As the same data can be used for various purposes such as for tax, statutory or regulatory requirements, you benefit from substantial synergies. We are flexible and always adapt to your needs.


Our reporting provides full transparency with regard to your assets and liabilities as well as the income and costs incurred. This transparency goes hand in hand with our independent securities valuation and performance calculation.

Holistic consolidation of assets

You decide which data from your accounting is to be incorporated in the reporting. Our investment reporting tools reflect our holistic approach and can therefore also include non-bankable assets such as private equity, art, real estate etc. 
It has never been easier to see all your diversified investments in one picture.

Our Investment Reporting services


Our unique eInvestmentReporting provides simplicity where complexity usually prevails. Designed to help you stay in control, our dashboard gives you the clear overview of your various asset classes you have been longing for. Our interactive filtering system with top-down and drill-down options lets you experience a new kind of transparency.

Automated Securities Accounting

Code of Obligations, IFRS or US GAAP; lower of cost or market or market value; realisations according to the average method or FIFO – based on your individual needs, we create customised securities accounting for you.

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Matthias Geissmann
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