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Our renowned professionals have proven and profound experience in managing family wealth wherever the family assets are located or the members of the family reside. We are at your side to structure, preserve and help expand your wealth for today's and future generations.
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What to expect from us

Foundations and companies are common and established vehicles for structuring, preserving and growing family wealth for current and future generations. Such structures need to be set up in an individualised manner to efficiently and effectively achieve the desired objectives of succession and financial planning, always in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

We offer you highly personalised and robust solutions to accomplish your family goals. We act fully independently with only your best interests in mind and free from any conflicts of interest vis-à-vis financial institutions, banks and private equity firms. 

Services at a glance

Keeping a cool head in turbulent times is one of our strengths. Regardless of what you need support with: We offer the right and suitable services for your foundation and the administration of your company. Together with you and our legal experts and international tax consultants , we will determine the necessary steps to implement your roadmap for preserving your family legacy and assets over generations being able to offer various solutions and frameworks.


We analyse existing structures, your situation and circumstances as well as any current or future regulatory requirements in order to set up or take over a structure that can deliver the results you expect.


Since we work in interdisciplinary teams and take a cross-divisional approach, we can set up the proposed structures in-house and/or coordinate the set-up with external professional firms. Depending on your needs and preferences, we can also work with external partners selected by you. 


Once your wealth management structure or your succession solution have been established, we take care of the day-to-day administration of the assets held by the structure, managing purchases and sales, acquisitions and other related transactions as required. We have experience in the administration and management of a wide variety of asset classes, including cash and investment portfolios, residential and commercial properties and development projects, family-owned companies, private equity investments, intellectual properties, yachts, aircraft, artwork and antiques. In managing your structure, we provide the continuity and stability you expect from a professional trusted advisor in today's fast changing world. 


To ensure that your long-term plans are implemented in the best possible way, we monitor the structures put in place and systematically analyse whether improvements and changes need to be made to keep a structure in the best shape from all relevant aspects. We regularly review the impact of regulatory changes to keep a structure both robust and compliant with applicable laws. We will keep an eye on all your financial investments, consolidate the assets held by the structure against chosen benchmarks and review the performances achieved. We conduct audits of the fees charged by banks and financial institutions to ensure they are in accordance with the fee agreements concluded.

What sets us apart


The future challenges that wealthy families will face in succession and legacy preservation over multiple generations require an agile and flexible partner who is able to quickly align even timeless solutions to new circumstances and requirements. 


Whatever we do, we act in a fully transparent manner. You will be given all the necessary tools to digitally review all our work results and steps we undertake in administering your structure. Our advisors will be clear and easy to understand. We always act transparently and free of conflicts of interest. There are no hidden charges or remuneration that we collect while acting as your fiduciary partner.

Service quality and dependability

Service quality and dependability are among our key differentiators. We take care of our tasks and respond instantly to your requests irrespective of time zones, public holidays or vacations of members of your engagement team.

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Marcel Minger
Marcel Minger
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Erika Waterhouse
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More trust and fiduciary services

Board Mandates, Protectorship and Committee functions

We are at your side to protect and expand your family assets in accordance with your aspirations for today's and future generations. We can also strengthen your existing committees as a reliable and competent member of the board of directors or foundation board of entities established by you.

International Trusts

International trusts are common and established vehicles for structuring, preserving and growing family wealth for current and future generations. They need to be set up in an individualised manner to efficiently and effectively achieve the desired objectives of succession and financial planning, always in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

US Trusts

Wealth preservation, asset protection and succession planning for individuals with connections to the US require US solutions. With our domestic and international expertise, we can establish a succession planning vehicle that will fulfil your long-term plans and maximise the benefits of succession planning.

Private Trust Company

A Private Trust Company (PTC) is a private entity that serves as a trustee for one or more trusts. It offers a valuable solution for structuring and optimising family wealth, enhancing governance, and refining succession planning strategies.

DIFC Foundations

Governed by the modern and robust DIFC Foundations Law of 2018, the DIFC Foundation is a straightforward and effective solution for individuals and families to structure assets and succession plans.

Trusts, Foundations & Fiduciary Services

We establish, manage and administer a wide range of company types and foundations in Switzerland and around the world. With you, we develop your roadmap to structure your family's wealth in order to lay the foundation for a smooth transition of wealth to the next generation. We deliver peace of mind in times of increasing regulatory complexities. Our expertise in wealth structuring covers both financial and non-financial assets.
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