Art Advisory and Valuation

We are independent experts on starting or sharpening an art collection. Our expertise in the art market allows us to provide bespoke appraisals and valuations for your artworks. Services also include art collection packages for building up a private or corporate collection.
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What to expect from us

Art Advisory

Together with our team of art historians, you can start your own art collection or curate and sharpen an existing one. We will guide you through all stages of buying and selling.

Art Collection packages

There are several advantages to having artworks in an office space, a practice, a hotel or a restaurant. We offer various service packages to create a creative and positive working or living environment that represents your values and corporate identity. 


We estimate the market value of your artworks in view to sale, for insurance or tax planning purposes.

Our collection packages for CHF 10’000, 20’000 or 50’000 include an all-in service such as a kick-off meeting, a proposal, the purchase of artworks as well as its handling, shipping and installing at your premises.  



What sets us apart


Our national and international network of galleries, auction houses, museums and artists allows us to implement your ideas of building or expanding a collection.


We advise you with art historical expertise and many years of experience in the art market.


Whether you are a top collector or a beginner, we apply the same standards of care, attention and responsibility in our work.

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Birgit Gudat
Birgit Gudat
Senior Manager
Head Art Management

More art management services

Collection Management

We are committed to high standards in collection management and will advise and support you in all matters related to the administration, management and inventory of your art collection.

Logistics and Insurances

Your art collection needs the right storage conditions and insurance. We are here to ensure that the best possible conditions apply to your art collection.

Contracts and Transactions

We provide and review a full range of contracts, such as purchase and sale, consignment and loan agreements.

Art Management

We cover all aspects of your art collection and accompany you through all phases of collecting, contracts and transactions as well as logistics.
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