KENDRIS Art Collection Packages

Birgit Gudat
Birgit Gudat
Senior Manager
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Elena Bittner
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KENDRIS Art Collection Packages

Art is a great way to achieve a creative and positive work environment, to engage with customers and illustrate your corporate philosophy at the same time. 

Ever wanted to know how to professionally design your office or home using art? Maybe you have white walls in your company that you want to spruce up, a reception area that is in need of something to catch the eye, or rooms that you want to liven up. Art is a great way to achieve a creative and positive work environment, to engage with customers and illustrate your corporate philosophy at the same time. 

Let us take you through one such project that we carried out for our location in Geneva.

The first step consisted in clarifying the circumstances and gathering ideas in an initial meeting. Rooms and walls were measured, lighting and temperature situations evaluated. In our joint discussion, we explored what atmosphere should be created and what values and statements the art should convey. 

The concept included questions such as the artistic medium, size, theme and practical aspects. Which rooms are to be transformed – customer reception, meeting room, office? Should the focus be on regional, national or international artists? Should you go for established, well-known names, or new, emerging artists? The answer to all of these questions has a direct impact on the budget. 

We developed a concept with a selection, supported with visualisation. The decision was made to use large-format, glass-encased photographs that are not only more cost-effective than paintings, but also demand less maintenance and fewer climatic conditions. With Manuel Giron and Thomas Neuss, the office decided on two Swiss photographers who both explore the theme of international architecture and city life. In the meeting rooms, the focus was on a calming, contemplative design concept. It was important for the theme chosen to highlight the international character of the company. 

Thomas Neuss, Downwards / Upwards, The Flow, In and Out, all 2022 in conference room 1

Manuel Giron, Woman Between Lines, Tokyo Series, in conference room 2

Manuel Giron, Water Reflection, Paris series, in conference room 2

The representative artwork in the entrance area makes a number of references to the interior design with its graphic lines and visually expands the room. 

Manuel Giron, Oculus, New York series, in the entrance area

A wall sculpture by award-winning artist Oskar Zieta was added to the clientwaiting area. Somewhere between design, technology and sculpture, the biomorphic wall objects made of polished steel reflect their surroundings in a slightly distorted way. People waiting and passing by thus become part of the artwork and enter into a sort of communication with the wall objects.

Oskar Zieta, Tafla 03, 4.5, 05, 2023

Do you simply not have the time to do something about improving the look of your rooms or are confused by the overwhelming range of artworks on the market? We will take care of it – from initial consultations to research and installation. You can find our Collection Packages in three sizes here. If you are interested or have further questions, please contact us.