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U.S. Trust

KENDRIS TRUSTEES (USA) LLC is a South Dakota chartered and regulated public trust company offering trusteeship services for U.S. trusts governed by the laws of South Dakota, U.S.A.

Our U.S. trust company provides High Net Worth Individuals, family offices, financial institutions, law firms and their clients with tailored solutions which fulfil their long-term planning objectives. KENDRIS TRUSTEES (USA) LLC combines expertise and independent thinking to results that stand the test of time.

KENDRIS TRUSTEES (USA) LLC is fully owned by KENDRIS Ltd. Our independence is key in allowing our clients’ interests to come first.

We have a vast experience in servicing international clientele and are competent to offer tailored solutions. KENDRIS TRUSTEES (USA) LLC connects the complexity of global-oriented clients with a variety of well-recognized U.S. succession planning tools.

We specialize in administering U.S. trusts established in South Dakota as well as trusts established in other jurisdictions which move to South Dakota. Thanks to our international expertise in administering foreign trusts, we have a long history of servicing international clients with ties to the US. U.S. connections may derive from U.S. investments such as real estate projects, or family members who have moved to the US. Helping our clients from a U.S. base completes our wide range of services.

South Dakota as a U.S. trust jurisdiction has various benefits:

  1. unlimited perpetuity period (trust duration)
  2. no state trust income tax
  3. domestic asset protection provisions
  4. low state premium tax for life insurance premiums
  5. court records are sealed in perpetuity and not available to the public

With the exception of asset management, KENDRIS TRUSTEES (USA) LLC provides a wide range of U.S. trustee services. These include amongst others directed and delegated trusteeships, managing U.S. trusts with financial and non-financial assets and providing directorship services.

We commit to serving your interests and to supporting your wishes to facilitate the smooth transition of your wealth to the next generation. For more information, please check our website under

Christian Lyk

Partner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tax & Legal Advice
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
Finance and Banking

Partner, Member of the Executive Committee

Trust and Corporate Administration
Family Office Services
Art Management
Finance and Banking

Latest Releases

10 May 2021
International families with connections to the U.S., be it through family members residing in the U.S. or investments in the U.S., require U.S. solutions. As an established succession planning vehicle well recognized in the U.S., the U.S. trust enables the transfer of wealth to U.S. beneficiaries in a most advantageous manner while at the same time providing for an investment structure for U.S. situs investments.