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Accounting and financial reporting

Your company has consolidated since its foundation and is well established on the market. You think about how to expand your company and how to make established paths more cost-efficient, easier and faster. With our broad know-how we are the right partner for all questions regarding these changing requirements.


Growth means investmenting and for the  necessary growth  you need investors.  The interest groups and requirements for your company are constantly changing. New requirements or questions could be:

  • How do I judge whether the planned investment is worthwhile for my company?
  • How do I keep track of my investments and the corresponding depreciation?
  • Are internationally recognized accounting standards desired or necessary?
    •  Initial Public Offering[FC2] 
    • Cooperative with at least 2000 members
    • Foundations which are obliged by law to carry out an ordinary audit
    • Demands from shareholders, cooperative members and other owners
  • Will the following criteria for the preparation of consolidated financial statements soon be met cumulatively?
    • Several companies subject to accounting requirements under uniform management/control
    • All controlled undertakings exceed two of the following thresholds in two consecutive financial years:
      • Balance sheet total of CHF 20 million
      • Sales revenue of CHF 40 million
      • 250 full-time employees[FC3]  (annual average)
  • Consistent definition of accounting and valuation guidelines for all Group companies
  • How does reporting take place for the consolidated financial statements or for the top management body?
  • Digitization and automation