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Finance and Accounting

Accounting is often regarded as secondary at the time of incorporation. However, in order to benefit from synergies and automated processes early on, this area should not be neglected in the development of corporate strategy.


Have you already thought about the following points?

  • Deciding on accounting software and the tools it requires
    • How well can I adapt the system to the needs and processes of the company?
    • Does the software offer an integrated webshop?
    • Can I set up a digital visa process to ensure that no unauthorised payments, quotes or invoices leave the company?
    • Can I network the software with my bank?
    • What about e-bills?
    • How do I manage my warehouse?
    • How do I keep track of my investments and the corresponding depreciation?
  • Development of planning instruments for the monitoring of liquid funds, payment behaviour of customers and sales development
  • Budget and planning Monetary resources for the first two to three years
  • Design of the chart of accounts according to the needs of the company
  • Definition of a cost accounting including possible allocation keys and cost rates
  • Hiring a trustee to advise and support me in these tasks and decisions?