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Contracts & Regulations

In the initial phase of your start-up, when ideas are just bubbling over and visions are implemented, there are more exciting things for an entrepreneur than drawing up contracts and regulations. However, long-term thinking is worthwhile. We are happy to help you with the drafting of contracts.


Depending on what your goals are, how many shareholders and employees your company has, and in which industry you are active, a carefully prepared set of contracts and rules forms the key to sustainable successful cooperation with partners, employees and customers of the company.  

The following agreements, for example, should be taken into consideration:

  • Shareholders' agreement: governs the long-term relationship between several shareholders and defines the rights and obligations of the shareholders in the establishment, administration, withdrawal and dissolution of the company.
  • Organizational Regulations of the Board of Directors or the Management Board.
  • Employee regulations;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Rental contracts;
  • General Terms and Conditions (GTC): Useful if a large number of similar contracts are concluded with customers;


Our legal experts will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the appropriate contracts and regulations for your start-up - from the selection of the appropriate agreement to the drafting of the tailor-made contract.