Bryan Graf

About Bryan Graf

Bryan Graf spearheads global marketing and communications for the entire KENDRIS group. Possessing two master's degrees – an MBA in Business & Management (Distinction) and an MAS in Marketing Management – he also holds various certificates, such as in disruptive strategies, asset and portfolio management, and insurances brokerage.

With an extensive career spanning over 18 years, Bryan excels in both strategic and operational roles, showcasing a versatile skill set and "grit" that drives high performance in fast-paced business environments. Leveraging his expertise in the financial sector with international (U)HNWI Advisory and Trustee/Fiduciary services, Bryan Graf boasts a solid track record in industrials, luxury goods, real estate investing, and digital business (agency side) consulting.

Qualifications / Expertise

  • MBA, Bradford University School of Management (UK)
  • MAS Marketing Management FH, ZHAW Winterthur