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Launch of “Hot TIN Roof” Newsletter

We recognize that you and your advisors are interested in keeping the family’s financial and regulatory governance lean. KENDRIS specializes in proving the regulatory governance services. It is our primary objective to ensure that the ownership structures of our international clients are in good standing and compliant with local regulations worldwide. In particular we focus on the precise and necessary disclosure under the exchange of information and beneficial ownership regulations.


In our global newsletter we will provide you with smart regulatory updates on how to navigate the complicated CRS, FATCA, beneficial owner and trust register landscape. It would enable you to focus on disclosure of information that is effectively required. In our Youtube film you will learn from Anna Szkudlarek what it's all about.




With the newsletter „Hot TIN Roof“ we will focus on key updates to save your time and provide you with comfort that when the information is to be disclosed, it can be done in a controlled and informed manner.

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Download our KENDRIS FATCA & CRS App    , if you would like to stay up-to-date with all exchange agreements and reporting deadlines under FATCA and CRS.

Director, Head of Regulatory & Compliance

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