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CRS FATCA Mobile Compliance App

7 April 2017
KENDRIS Author(s): 

The “CRS FATCA Mobile Compliance” App is for all who need regular access to all available CRS and FATCA reporting deadlines and agreements. KENDRIS makes key information available in offline mode.

FATCA and the AEoI standard provide for the mutual exchange of information on financial accounts between states that have agreed to FATCA and the AEOI. Switzerland and more than 100 other countries, including all major financial centres, have declared their intention to adopt the AEoI standard. Switzerland started collecting data on 1 January 2017 and the first exchange of information is planned for 2018.

To date, Switzerland has agreed to the AEoI with approx. 40 partner states and there are more to come.


For whom is the App useful?

This App is for you if you are a professional in legal, tax and compliance  and if you need  regular access to all available CRS and FATCA deadlines and agreements. KENDRIS makes  key information available both in online and offline mode.

The App is free of charge and can be downloaded in the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store.



What information can I find in the App?

KENDRIS’s CRS FATCA Mobile Compliance App covers nearly 2,000 agreements worldwide. If the CRS and FATCA reporting deadlines or information on new agreements have been made public, we will make this information available for you in the App.

The information stored in the App is updated on a monthly basis.


How can I access the App?

Download the App and ask via to get your personal login data and log in.


How can I navigate the App?

Either you scroll down the country list, or you start typing in the respective country name in the search field. You then see the reporting deadline(s) and the agreements.


How can I give feedback?

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us, using the “Contact & Support” icon (envelope).