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Division of an estate and execution of a will

Do you face the challenge of having to resolve property disputes? Then it is advisable to consult a specialist.


Under Swiss law, the heirs are in principle in a position to administer and divide an estate independently. Due to the freedom in the division of the estate, they are also not bound by the requirements of the testator, provided that they agree on another joint solution.


Because there are often different interests and often emotional conflicts from the past play a role, it often proves helpful in practice when a specialist is involved in the development of proposed solutions.


In addition to administering the estate, the executor has the task of working with the heirs towards the division of the estate. In addition to his professional skills, experience has shown that he also needs the ability to mediate between the heirs.


If the heirs cannot reach an agreement within a year, in many cases the only option is to go to the judge. According to modern interpretation, the heirs can instead agree on an arbitral tribunal and entrust it with the task of deciding disputes relating to property rights (see