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eFamilyOffice – digital access to data regarding trusts and other structures

You would like to have secure access to data and documents concerning your legal entities (trusts, foundations, companies) administered by KENDRIS? eFamilyOffice can provide you with a secure digital solution to do just that. You can have access to the relevant documents whenever and wherever you wish. Choose eFamilyOffice in order to have a safe way of exchanging your confidential documents. 

Range of the eFamilyOffice services

  • Secure access to the eKENDRIS web portal
  • Secure access to information about your trust, legal structure or company
  • Access to the information via your tablet or personal computer
  • Confidentiality via the protected online environment
  • Protected access to current information about your trusts, legal structures and companies
  • Encrypted downloading of documents
  • Possibility of various different access rights per person

KENDRIS can completely take care of this for you through eServices, meaning you would no longer need your own staff to operate and maintain the software.

Marcel Minger

Director, Trust and Corporate Administration

Trust and Corporate Administration
Finance & Accounting
Finance and Banking
Thomas Frey

Partner, Member of the Executive Committee

Trust and Corporate Administration
Domestic & International Tax Advising
Finance and Banking

Latest Releases

29 January 2018
Many Family Offices focus on ensuring that family wealth can be preserved and transferred to future generations. The KENDRIS Investment Reporting Services support you in reaching that goal.
4 December 2017
Would you like to be in a position to see what assets you have, at any time and in any place? This is simple if you use the KENDRIS eInvestmentReporting. You can analyse your investment performance in detail and at the same time obtain a clear view of the relevant transactions and the related costs. eInvestmentReporting lies at the heart of the KENDRIS Investment Reporting services.