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Inheritance advice

It is advisable to think early on about insurance cover in the event of an accident, death or divorce. In many cases, when such a case occurs, you go through an emotional rollercoaster ride.


Even at a young age, you should think about what kind of security your family has if you are no longer available after an accident: Does the spouse have access to bank assets? Have you appointed a pension officer?


Many people deal with inheritance matters simply through the establishment of a will.  The planning of inheritance in the family begins one step earlier, with the matrimonial property law of the spouses. In many cases, a prenuptial agreement can provide clarity on the assignment of property rights and often aims to favour the surviving spouse.


In more complex family situations (with children from different marriages), it is often advisable to use the instrument of an inheritance contract because this can cover a longer period of time (the death of both spouses).


In international relations, it is worth thinking in advance which authority should handle the estate and which law should be applied.