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Digitisation is in full swing and companies are well advised to address this issue at an early stage. We will be happy to show you how you can access your data around the world and 7/24 hours.


Especially in administration, accounting and human resources there is more and more potential to reduce the enormous mountains of paper, to design processes in a simple, cost-efficient and automated way and to minimize sources of error. Another big plus is that the data can be accessed at any time from anywhere in the world using secure access data and devices.

Possible eServices could be:

  • Electronic invoices from suppliers (e-invoices or PDF)
  • E-bills to customers
  • Mobile app for time and expense recording as well as for calling up pay slips and wage statements
  • HR online platform for processing applications, schedules, absence planning and maintenance of employee data (address, emergency contact, child allowances, bank details, etc.)
  • Webshop
  • Electronic archiving and data backup
  • Financial cockpit with key figures and graphs to support management
  • Connection of commercial bank accounts with the accounting department