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2016 Salary Certificate

6 December 2016


08:00 10:00
KENDRIS Office Geneva
Guiseppe Sottile
Giuseppe Sottile

The «new salary certificate» was introduced on 1 January 2007. In order to assist the Swiss businesses that are required to use this new form, the Swiss Tax Conference and the Swiss Federal Tax Administration has published a «Guide to the preparation of salary certificates and pension confirmations (Form11)».

This guide, which is legally binding, has undergone various amendments, which came into force on 1 January 2016.

During our 1st breakfast seminar, which will take place on Tuesday, 6 December 2016 from 8.30am until 10.00am at our offices in Geneva, we shall explain the changes and the important issues that must be taken into account when preparing 2016 salary certificates.

The most significant changes concern new provisions applicable to company cars in connection with a cap on the deduction of travel expenses, in the context of the «FAIF» project.

If you are interested in this issue, please join us for our presentation and register by email or  or by telephone (+41 (0) 58 450 57 27). The presentation will be held in French.

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