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Fiduciaire Suisse Update
Langzeitpflege ist teuer. Bis 8000 Franken kann sie monatlich kosten, in Spezialeinrichtungen noch mehr. Reichen die eigenen Mittel nicht aus, werden unter Umständen die Nachkommen unterstützungspflichtig.


Steuerinkasso Services
On 1 January 2018 a revised VAT Law will come into force as a result of the partial revision of the existing law. This will have a considerable impact on Swiss and foreign businesses. Moreover, the standard VAT rate will be reduced from 8% to 7.7%.

KENDRIS in den Medien

Anne-Barbara Luft
Die Weitergabe des Vermögens an die nächste Generation sollte ein Prozess in mehreren Stufen sein – eine gute Planung ist dabei nötig.
Cover Bilan Mars 2016 - Taxes et impôts
Roland Etienne
Serge Guertchackoff
Matthieu Hoffstetter
Chantal Mathez de Senger
Bilan "La chasse aux taxes et impôts absurdes"
Compétitivité internationale oblige, la Suisse doit absolument rester attractive fiscalement. Pourtant, Bilan a mis au jour des aberrations parfois contre-productives dans le système d'imposition helvétique. Citations de Roland Etienne.


Professional online accounting with AbaWeb Treuhand. The convenient fiduciary solution that enables you to focus on your core business.
This information sheet provides you with an overview of the structure and mode of operation of Swiss charitable foundations, of which there are currently around 13,000 in Switzerland. Having a charitable object is not in itself sufficient for obtaining a tax-free status. There are further requirements which must be met, for example that the board of the foundation acts altruistically and that the larger part of the profits is distributed each year.


Would you like to be in a position to see what assets you have, at any time and in any place? This is simple if you use the KENDRIS eInvestmentReporting. You can analyze your investment performance in detail and at the same time obtain a clear view of the relevant transactions and the related costs. eInvestmentReporting lies at the heart of the KENDRIS Investment Reporting services.
Increase in taxable income due to a company car: FABI calculation tool