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Our experts regularly publish professional articles, and study and comment on the latest developments in the world of wealth management and financial planning.

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herausgegeben von Hans Rainer Künzle, Zürich 2018 (Band 14 der Schweizer Schriften zur Vermögensberatung und zum Vermögensrecht)
Referate des Weiterbildungsseminars des Vereins Successio und der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Testamentsvollstreckung und Vermögenssorge e.V. an der Universität Luzern vom 21. April 2017
in: Zürcher Kommentar zum IPRG, 3. A., Zürich 2018, S. 1801-2039
Neubearbeitung des Kommentars zu Art. 86-96 IPRG


in: Testamentsvollstreckung in Europa, Bielefeld 2018, S. 109-128
Länderbericht Schweim am 3. Symposium für Europäisches Erbrecht vom Oktober 2017 an der Universität Regensburg

KENDRIS in den Medien

KENDRIS in den Medien
Natalie Gratwohl
KENDRIS löst sich von individuellen Boni. «Wenn Boni die Firmenkultur verderben.» (Erschienen in der Neuen Zürcher Zeitung am 04.05.18, Natalie Gratwohl)
Best of Zürich
Thomas Lüthi, Redaktor SRF
So ein Burger ist doch die perfekte Umschreibung für die Mehrwertsteuer! Vielschichtig, mit erlesenen Zutaten und komplexen Aromen.


Anna Szkudlarek
KENDRIS offers a full spectrum of CRS and FATCA services starting from helping financial institutions with fulfilment of their regulatory due diligence obligations to successful, automated submission of the regulatory reports. This fact sheet focuses on our reporting solution to assist you in the preparation and submission of reports under FATCA and CRS. Our technical team of legal, tax and accounting experts supported by our software based solution will provide you with a bespoke service to meet your particular needs and reporting obligations in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.
The complexity of salary administration is increasing constantly. National and international laws and treaties have to be complied with, and this demands flexibility and constant quality assurance. We can support you in dealing with these challenges by providing an outsourcing solution which is individually tailored to your business needs.


Would you like to be in a position to see what assets you have, at any time and in any place? This is simple if you use the KENDRIS eInvestmentReporting. You can analyse your investment performance in detail and at the same time obtain a clear view of the relevant transactions and the related costs. eInvestmentReporting lies at the heart of the KENDRIS Investment Reporting services.