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Our experts regularly publish professional articles, and study and comment on the latest developments in the world of wealth management and financial planning.

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Bei Libor-Hypotheken wurden eventuell zu viel Zinsen belastet. Auch wenn es noch einige offene Fragen gibt, sollte man mit dem Reklamieren von Ansprüchen nicht zu lange warten.
Immobilien Ratgeber: Renditeperle oder Investitionsruine?
Immobilien-Transaktionen beinhalten Chancen sowie Risiken. Lesen Sie hier welches die entscheidenen Faktoren für eine erfolgreiche Investition sind.
The incorporation of a company is the realization of a collective project, in which several investors decide to join their forces. By making a contribution to the company, an investor becomes a shareholder, subject by law to certain rights and obligations.
Art Management
There is often great passion behind an art collection, as well as a substantial investment. We accompany you through all phases of collecting, professionally and individually.
Medieninformation 2019
Rückwirkend auf den 1. April 2019 haben die zuständigen Organe der KENDRIS AG vier neue Geschäftsleitungs-mitglieder ernannt und einen weiteren Partner zur Wahl in den Verwaltungsrat empfohlen.
Image Brochure
KENDRIS is your Swiss Partner for family office, trust and fiduciary services, national and international tax consulting and legal advice, accounting, outsourcing and art management.
Private Magazin Q2/2019, S. 6-7
Am 13. Oktober 2018 habe ich an der Law School der University of Cape Town eine Lecture gehalten mit dem Titel "International Succession Planning with Reference to Switzerland"
Escrow solutions help parties to a transaction to secure their entitlements in an efficient manner. As a long-term provider of fiduciary services, KENDRIS has a wealth of experience as an escrow agent. Our escrow specialists help you find a specially tailored solution that covers the parties’ specific needs.