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eFamilyOffice: New eService for Family Office Clients

6 November 2017
KENDRIS Author(s): 


You are a KENDRIS Family Office client and would like to have secure access to data and documents concerning your legal entities (trusts, foundations, companies) administered by KENDRIS? eFamilyOffice provides you with a secure digital solution for this concern. You can have access to the relevant documents whenever and wherever you wish. Choose eFamilyOffice in order to have a safe way of accessing your confidential documents.

As a KENDRIS Family Office client, you can use eFamilyOffice to get a clear view of current and relevant data and documents of the trusts, foundations and companies administered by KENDRIS. Login securely into eFamilyOffice via the eKENDRIS web portal and access your documents at any time or place – whether from a computer or a tablet.

Data security – the golden rule of eFamilyOffice

Data security is a top priority for KENDRIS. For this reason, our eKENDRIS web portal can only be accessed by means of authentication with two factors (password and security token). Additionally, all data of eKENDRIS eServices are stored at our FINMA-certified data center in Switzerland – including the eFamilyOffice data.

Further information about this eService can be obtained at eFamilyOffice or from your contact person at KENDRIS.