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Increase in taxable income due to a company car: FABI calculation tool

19 September 2016

The federal law on financing and development of the Swiss railway system (known as “FABI”) came into force on 1st January 2016. As a result employees can now only make a very limited tax deduction for the costs of travel to their workplace. Moreover, employees who can use a company car have to declare additional income for tax purposes.

In this connection we have created a FABI calculation tool for the use of executives with a company car, which in a few easy steps will enable them to determine the additional taxable income they will have to declare as a result of FABI.

FABI Berechnungstool (XLSX, DE)

Additional information about FABI can be found in our information sheet entitled “FABI - Is the company car a thing of the past?

Developments in each of the various cantons will be integrated into our FABI calculation tool without delay.

If anything is unclear or if you have questions, please send us an e-mail to or ring us at +41 (0) 58 450 50 00. We would also be happy to assist you with the preparation of your tax return.