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Swiss VAT fiscal representation: Certainty and flexibility for foreign businesses

29 December 2017
KENDRIS Author(s): 

Foreign businesses which are registered for VAT in Switzerland need to appoint fiscal representatives in Switzerland. KENDRIS as your partner can help you to stay compliant with the law.

Following changes to the VAT Act (revMWSTG), as at 1 January 2018 many foreign businesses will become liable to register for VAT. From this date onwards, it is no longer only the turnover realized in Switzerland which will be relevant, but global turnover. For foreign businesses, this means that if their global turnover exceeds CHF 100,000 (about EUR 85,000), they may be liable to register for VAT in Switzerland if they have a Swiss turnover of CHF 1 or more.

The Federal Tax Administration expects that there will be 30,000 more businesses liable to register for VAT from 1 January 2018 due to the partial revision of the VAT Act.

Will my business be liable to register for VAT?

Have you already considered this and checked whether you will be liable to register for VAT in Switzerland on 1 January 2018 and thus need fiscal representation in Switzerland?

What does KENDRIS offer in the area of fiscal representation?

Our product “Swiss Fiscal Representation by KENDRIS” provides a modular solution for your business. You decide what your business needs, which elements you can and wish to provide yourself, and where you require support.

You can find further information about “Swiss Fiscal Representation by KENDRIS” here.