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Payroll accounting & salary administration

Your company is on the right track and the hiring of new employees is planned. Regardless of the type of organisation chosen, great importance should be attached to the planning of retirement provisions and the coverage of pension claims in the event of accidents or illness.


The following examples illustrate the issues you could be confronted with as an entrepreneur in a growing business:

  • Adaptation of the legal form of the company: conclusion of all legally required insurance policies
  • ERP: Own Software versus Cloud Solution
  • Know-How and Representation: Ensuring Representation in Recurring Processes
  • Payroll accounting: Correct accounting according to tax and social security regulations. Insurance and tax rates according to legal and contractual requirements. Compliance with deadlines for wage declarations and payments to the authorities. Accounting of overtime, commissions and bonuses according to contractual agreement.
  • Insurance Basis: Ensuring that all statutory insurance policies have been taken out.
  • Insurance extended: Evaluation of improved insurance services. Increased attractiveness as an employer through progressive insurance benefits.
  • Insurance notifications: Ensuring timely reporting of claims to insurers. Ensuring correct reporting of the payroll to the occupational pension fund and the compensation fund.
  • Reference: Preparation of certificates of employment in accordance with the form


We offer relief in all aspects of salary and HR administration. You can be sure that these activities will be carried out professionally and in accordance with legal guidelines. We will be happy to advise you.


Director, Business Advisory & Outsourcing, Office Managing Director Zurich

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