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Anna Szkudlarek

Director, Head of Regulatory & Compliance


Finance and Banking


+41 58 450 51 16

About Anna Szkudlarek

Anna specialises in FATCA & CRS Consulting Services, Beneficial Owner Register, Fintech and RegTech. She is a successful private client advisor, focusing on regulatory disclosure requirements with over 12 years of experience in the financial services industry. At KENDRIS, Anna leads the Regulatory Team, providing comprehensive regulatory services to family offices and UNHWI in over 80 countries, and is the go-to person for FATCA and CRS queries for trust and corporate structures. Anna is also the Office Managing Director of Zurich. Anna is a RegTech expert with a proven track record of successful implementation of challenging technology projects, to include data integration across various service lines and systems at KENDRIS, and is also a blockchain enthusiast, interested in its impact on the regulatory landscape.

Articles and Publications

KENDRIS offers a full spectrum of CRS and FATCA services starting from helping financial institutions with fulfilment of their regulatory due diligence obligations to successful, automated submission of the regulatory reports. This fact sheet focuses on our reporting solution to assist you in the preparation and submission of reports under FATCA and CRS. Our technical team of legal, tax and accounting experts supported by our software based solution will provide you with a bespoke service to meet your particular needs and reporting obligations in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.
Factsheet AEoI Assessment and Reporting Services
KENDRIS offers a full suite of AEoI services with seamless integration into the KENDRIS CRS and FATCA platform. Our services include initial analysis of how AEoI impacts structures and entities under your administration. Our technical team of experts is there to help you in your regulatory compliance obligations. Our services are tailored to your particular needs and circumstances.