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Raphael Cica

Partner, Head Legal, General Counsel

Areas of expertise


+41 58 450 51 18

About Raphael Cica

Raphael Cica is the Head of the Legal Team as well as a Partner and the General Counsel at KENDRIS. He specializes in Corporate Law, with focus on Swiss and international private companies. Raphael further advises on international contractual matters, and specializes in supporting clients with Estate Planning and Art Transactions. He offers guidance on Swiss and cross-border Inheritance Law matters, Trusts, Charitable Foundations and Real Estate.Raphael has a Masters in Business Law from the University of St. Gallen, and received the LL.M. with a Business Law Specialization at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Articles and Publications

Factsheet Escrow Lösungen
Escrow solutions help parties to a transaction to secure their entitlements in an efficient manner. As a long-term provider of fiduciary services, KENDRIS has a wealth of experience as an escrow agent. Our escrow specialists help you find a specially tailored solution that covers the parties’ specific needs.
Factsheet Vertragsrecht
Private and business clients in Switzerland are often confronted with legal issues and need legal advice for this reason.