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Contracts & Transactions

Art-related transactions usually require contracts between the partners. We can provide you with a wide range of contracts for this purpose or review the contracts provided by third parties. Upon request, we will negotiate, determine conditions and advise you on liability issues. Our legal department will also accompany you throughout the process.

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Our specialities include the following tasks:

Contract Form

With respect to contract form - escrow, purchase and sale, lending and research considerations are of particular interest.

Auctions and Deliveries

Would you like to buy or sell art at auction? We would be happy to carry out the complete organisation and administration of this for you, or, at your request, assist you. In the case of purchases, we will take care of the documentation and photos of the artwork.

Debt Financing and Pledging

As an independent intermediary, we will assist you in borrowing against your collection. In doing so, we work with selected financial institutions. We will, of course, advise you in advance regarding the necessary conditions for this highly specialised transaction.

Our goal is to integrate your art collection optimally in your overall asset strategy. We therefore offer synergies in the areas of art management, the law and taxes. With a view to succession planning, we will transfer your works of art to trusts, foundations or companies.

Latest Releases

5 May 2020
There is often great passion behind an art collection, as well as a substantial investment. We accompany you through all phases of collecting, professionally and individually.