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Art Management

Art is your passion, your art collection your great joy. We can support you professionally and individually in all phases of collecting. Our services span all administrative and logistical aspects of collection management. Exercising the requisite care, we create a secure environment for your art collection to ensure that it is maintained for future generations as well.

As a member of Swissregistrars, we are required to maintain a high standard in collection management.

Our specialists will advise and support you in the following areas:

Our services are geared towards private collectors, foundation and corporate collections, galleries, auction houses, museums, artists and family offices in Switzerland and abroad

Our Services


Do you need assistance with the global storage or the transport of your works of art?

Management of your Art Collection

You're looking for advice and support in managing your art collection.

Contracts & Transactions

Art-related transactions usually require contracts between the partners. We can provide you with a wide range of contracts for this purpose or review the contracts provided by third parties.