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Self-disclosures are regularly used by taxpayers in the case of tax evasion. We advise and assist our clients in Switzerland and Sweden in disclosing undeclared assets.

In doing so, we assist our clients with the following tasks:

  • Compilation of the necessary documents
  • Preparing the necessary statements for tax purposes
  • Clarification of the relevant facts
  • Preparation of the self-disclosure

In addition, we represent the concerns of our clients in negotiations with the tax authorities, in tax adjustment and, if necessary, penalty proceedings, as well as with requests for administrative and legal assistance from abroad.

Often, the background and the facts are complex. You can rely on our expert knowledge particularly in the following areas:

We have a lot of practical experience and expertise in Switzerland, and we assist our clients with self-disclosures expertly, reliably and faithfully.

Latest Releases

1 June 2017
KENDRIS is your leading Swiss partner for family office, trust and fiduciary services, Swiss and international tax and legal advice, accounting, outsourcing and art management for private and corporate clients. The Image Brochure is available in the following languages: German, English, French, Russian, Swedish, Spanish and Chinese.
7 April 2017
The “CRS FATCA Mobile Compliance” App is for all who need regular access to all available CRS and FATCA deadlines and agreements. KENDRIS makes key information available in offline mode.