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eKENDRIS - eServices

You would like to have a good overview and control of your digital services? You want to be able to access your eServices at any time and in any place – with only one login? Then our eKENDRIS web portal, with its integrated eServices, is the right solution for you.  

In addition to our advisory services, we offer you the appropriate eServices – all under one web portal. This results in new possibilities for you as an entrepreneur, accountant, family office or high-net-worth individual. You can outsource your digital services, and still access them securely from your place of work or when travelling – both are possible.

As soon as you have logged into eKENDRIS by means of the secure single sign-on, you can see your individual eServices.

Via eKENDRIS, we currently offer the following eServices:

  • eAccounting – the digital accounting solution with the Abacus basis
  • eFamilyOffice – digital access to data regarding trusts and other structures

The advantages of eKENDRIS

  • Secure web portal for all KENDRIS eServices from a data center in Switzerland certified by FINMA
  • Access to professional and always up-to-date eServices for private clients, family offices and SMEs
  • Authentication with two factors: login by means of a password, plus a security token (Passcode)
  • Single sign-on: direct access to various eServices using only one login
  • Elimination of local software installation as well as the related maintenance work (updates/upgrades, system support)
  • Access to eServices irrespective of when and where you are


Further information about eKENDRIS can be found using the following links:

Latest Releases

29 January 2018
Many Family Offices focus on ensuring that family wealth can be preserved and transferred to future generations. The KENDRIS Investment Reporting Services support you in reaching that goal.
4 December 2017
Would you like to be in a position to see what assets you have, at any time and in any place? This is simple if you use the KENDRIS eInvestmentReporting. You can analyse your investment performance in detail and at the same time obtain a clear view of the relevant transactions and the related costs. eInvestmentReporting lies at the heart of the KENDRIS Investment Reporting services.