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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guide for entrepreneurs

This simple guide is designed to help entrepreneurs to reorient & organize themselves. We would be happy to work out different scenarios for long-term financing with you. Please contact us. We are happy to help you.


1. Get an overview of your situation


Ask yourself questions about the following keywords

  • Supply chain interruptions, local instead of international suppliers, order volume, delivery times etc.
  • Reduced capacity, cost savings, on-site or online visits, reduced fees.



Are there alternative possibilities like: Online channels/marketplaces, personal delivery, neighbourhood assistance etc.



Create different scenarios for the next weeks and months.


2. Secure your financing & liquidity

3. Initiate short-time work

4. Privately you can take these precautions

5. What KENDRIS does for its employees

KENDRIS looks after the interests and health of clients and employees. Read the article by our CEO Christian Lyk: On our own behalf: Coronavirus (COVID-19)


6. General Information


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