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Interim Management

Are you experiencing staff shortages in your finance or HR department? In order to help you to bridge staffing gaps we can take on tasks and responsibilities of a line position at your company (interim management).

At various phases in the development of a company, special expertise will be needed for more than just a few days of consulting. The current managers are involved in the day-to-day business, that pending tasks cannot be carried out.

Our highly qualified and proven interim managers will take on challenging tasks for you. You can rely on their expert advice, discretion and reliability at all times.

Head Business Advisory & Outsourcing, Office Managing Partner Aarau
Branch Office - Aarau
Kevin Dietiker
+41 58 450 58 55
Business Advisory & Outsourcing
Branch Office - Aarau
Dieter Knapp
+41 58 450 58 54

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