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Investment Reporting Services

You are a high-net-worth individual or are entrusted with the administration of the assets of a family or individual in a family office. Or you may have responsibility for funds of a pension fund or foundation which are invested on behalf of such institution. Therefore you are faced daily with the challenge of consolidating and evaluating investments involving multiple bank relationships, various asset classes, perhaps even several legal asset holders, and measuring the development of the investments in the form of a performance calculation. You are always asking yourself: will this element of the assets, which I was very happy with yesterday, still form part of my investment strategy tomorrow?

We are convinced – as are our existing clients – that an integrated and consolidated investment reporting represents the basis for all decisions on the investment of assets. The processing of each of these investment decisions forms the starting point for a proper valuation.

Accounts relating to assets

The accounts relating to the assets comprise the recording of all transactions as well as a periodical valuation. Various products can be generated from these two elements, each product having a different emphasis:

  • Analyses of assets, investments and performance
  • Strategic valuations and operational reports
  • Annual financial statements according to different accounting standards
  • Documentation needed for preparing the annual tax returns
  • Deliverables in connection with the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI)/Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

Consolidation of assets

Your listed securities are at various banks. There are good reasons for this. You look for diversification not only in connection with the category of investment and specific securities, but also with regard to your banking partners. Your investments may possibly be held in different companies and as part of private assets; the allotment to the specific legal vehicles is made according to your own criteria. Our systems are capable of performing all conceivable forms of aggregation, and at the same time of showing and measuring exactly that section of the assets that you are interested in.

Range of our Investment Reporting Services

  • Processing of information taken at its source. We obtain the information from banks and brokers directly. We act quickly and independently.
  • Making accounting entries and valuations in such a way that, if the client so wishes, a balance sheet can be prepared in addition to the reporting and that the Automatic Exchange of Information can be serviced.
  • Consolidation at all levels: banks, mandates, asset classes, entities.
  • Measuring the investment success and thus providing an objective assessment of the performance by the persons entrusted with the administration.
  • Transparency regarding the costs incurred for this investment success.